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Why We Are Here

In 2014, the State of Michigan expressed a need to provide training to it’s McKinney-Vento Liaisons that was scaleable, easy to implement and effective. The initial team that would eventually become McKinney-Vento.org, partnered with the State Coordinator and several Regional Coordinators to create this training.

Initially it was thought to be a one-time project to support the state of Michigan.

This program, along with several other innovations supporting families in transition, helped Michigan’s State Coordinator earn the State Coordinator of the Year Award! We were invited to join her and her team at the upcoming NAEHCY Conference to share some of these ideas. This led to various states asking how they could access these trainings. Many began sharing more potential ideas and programs to support their families in transition.

It became apparent that there was a need to provide support and solutions to Liaisons across the country. Therefore, McKinney-Vento.org was launched with the mission to be the number one homeless training provider to create awareness and empower Liaisons to support the families in their districts nationwide.

We are now working with over 150,000 staff members and Liaisons in 38 states, collection, providing Liaison training, school staff training, data collection, a robust resource library, and community platform for collaboration world class support team.

Covenant House:

In 2020, Mckinney-Vento.org established a partnership with Covenant House of America, a leading shelter for youth experiencing homelessness across the country. Mckinney-Vento has dedicated funding and investment to hiring and training youth in these shelters, providing them a salary, full-health benefits, counseling, computer equipment, and job skills training. This investment provides them the time to achieve stable housing and find a career path that best suits their gifts and talents. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have graduated several youth in this 2-year program, and continue to make these investments each year.