What Is McKinney-Vento?

We are proud to offer even more value to our customers – the McKinney-Vento Liaison Training and Resource Bundle! In this comprehensive toolkit, you’ll have access to our in-depth Liaison Training, our suite of eleven role-specific Essential Staff courses, AND the Data Tool, all for one low per-school price. With this bundle, you can:

  • Equip your district liaisons and school level points of contact with knowledge of McKinney-Vento law, increasing their capacity to implement an effective homeless education program
  • Train your on-site school staff to identify the signs of homelessness and connect students to their local liaison
  • Collect, manage, and report on McKinney-Vento student and family data
  • Maintain annual training requirements for McKinney-Vento federal law compliance

What Do Our Customers Say?

The biggest piece, in my opinion, is that it has addressed the capacity issue for Liaisons. Many LEAs’ Admin staff who were doing MV finally realized they can’t do the Liaison’s job without these tools!”

As a grant coordinator, I am getting fewer basic questions from liaisons because the course has given them the basic knowledge needed to answer simple questions and is leading them to deeper thinking and deeper questions.

We have more LEAs reporting homeless students than ever before! Many LEAs that already did report homeless students are reporting an increase this year. NM Data Reporting (after only 6 months using the program); 10% more LEAs reporting, which has resulted in 137 more students identified after taking Liaison Credentialing online course.